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DJ Pavlin Petrov
Pavlin Petrov is a DJ and Producer from Bulgaria. He started producing in 2003.influenced by the Ambient Genre. He became interested in progressive house in 2010. Since then he mixes his tracks with that great ambient atmosphere which is essential for the progressive house.He likes to experiment with every new track. Every time his tracks express that deep and dark feeling dedicated to his unique style. Over the last 14 years he has released a plethora of music on various labels.On top of this he has an impressive list of remixes for others top world wide dj\producers making him a very much in demand artist.

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Pavlin Petrov - Trancefusions 030 Guest Artist - Pavlin Petrov (Bulgaria)Pavlin Petrov2000
Pavlin Petrov - Sequences Guest Mix [DNA Radio] (2 Декември 2017)Pavlin Petrov3800

Pavlin Petrov - Bonzai Basik Beats #374 (Radioshow 03 November 2017 - Week 44 ) (3 Ноември 2017)Pavlin Petrov6200

Pavlin Petrov - Guest Mix for <a (8 Септември 2017)" />Pavlin Petrov2811

Pavlin Petrov - Bonzai Basik Beats #363 (Radioshow 18 August 2017 - Week 33 - mixed by Pavlin Petrov) (18 Август 2017)Pavlin Petrov2500
Pavlin Petrov - Guest Mix TM Radio [Anton Mayday I'm a Dark Pill 3rd Anniversary] (22 Декември 2016)Pavlin Petrov5000

Pavlin Petrov - Bonzai Basik Beats #326 (Radioshow 02 December 2016 - Week 48 - mixed by Pavlin Petrov) (2 Декември 2016)Pavlin Petrov2500

Pavlin Petrov - Bonzai Basik Beats #314 (Week 36) (9 Септември 2016)Pavlin Petrov2600

Pavlin Petrov - Bonzai Basik Beats #302 (Radioshow 17 June 2016 - Week 24 - mixed by Pavlin Petrov) (17 Юни 2016)Pavlin Petrov7400
Pavlin Petrov - Guest Mix [DeeperSense Showcase DI.FM]March 2016 (9 Март 2016)Pavlin Petrov4310
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